All About Mint

History of Mint

Since the beginning of civilization, mint has been an [...]

Types of Mint

A refreshing herb with a menthol scent, aroma and [...]

Nutritional Information of Mint

Mint contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins [...]

Popular Mint

Popular Corsican Mint

A popular variety of mint that is native to [...]

Popular Fruit-flavored Mint

The wonderful fragrance of fruit-flavored mint makes them a [...]

Popular Chocolate Mint

Chocolate mint is one of the most popular varieties [...]

Culinary Uses of Mint

Culinary Use of Spearmint

Also known by its Latin or scientific name, mentha [...]

Culinary Use of Chocolate Mint

Chocolate mint has a delicate cocoa taste and fragrance [...]

Culinary Use of Peppermint

A hybrid of spearmint (mentha spicata) and water mint [...]